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Some medium quality promo pics

Note, these promo pics are from last summer. The cast and the pilot was a bit different. New cast promo pics coming up soon.

Sam (Bret Harrison, second from L) tries to walk the fine line between working hard and playing hard in the half-hour comedy THE LOOP, premiering on FOX. L-R: Eric Christian Olsen as Sully, Bret Harrison as Sam, Phillip Baker Hall as Russ, Mimi Rogers as Meryl, Joy Osmanski as Darcy.
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Oh kind moderator, thank you so much for putting up pictures! I was so keen on not making caps! Even though I have yet to watch it, I'm sure these pictures will prove to be useful so thank you!


Anyways, I even made more pics! SO ahrd, do hard, but stupid PS batched and saved them all on the same file, so screw that.

Um.. it's a REALLY cute show. I most definitely love that boy.
I don't like the new love-crush person. Blegh. And that new character is annoying as hell.